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Canadian-born documentary journalist Christopher James Bobyn grew up in Montreal and received his BA in film studies from Queen’s University.

His photo and film reportage covers conflict, immigration and political crisis. Christopher’s photo-essays and TV documentaries have covered the aftermath of war in the former-Yugoslavia, Syrian refugees in Turkey and Germany, Europe’s neo-Nazis movements and the war in Ukraine.

His photography from the Arab Spring in Egypt and the war in Ukraine were each presented at exhibits in Berlin, and his book “From Revolution to War” about Ukraine was published in 2016.

In 2017 Christopher was nominated for best TV documentary by the German-French Journalism Prize, for the film, “Rechts, Zwo, Drei – Driftet Europa ab?”, about neo-fascism in the Balkans.

His articles, photography and films has been published by National Geographic (German edition), the Guardian, the Walrus, Deutsche Welle, the Australian Broadcasting Corporation, ARTE, ZDF, and CNN.

Christopher lives and works in Berlin, Germany.